Lonely planet

Jo and Steve on the highest point on the west side of the Okstind glacier

Picture: Taken on the glacier

July 21. Jo and Steve from Lonely Planet arrived the Rabot-cabin in blue sky and sunny weather. I guided them on the West ice on Okstindbreen. The trip took ca 3,5 hours and we got a nice tan (brown to dark red). 

They had a great time and we could see all the way to Børgefjell from where we turned back to the Rabot- cabin.



Picture: Tomskjevelen (922 m.asl) far back in the middle of the picture

Picture: Steve enjoing working here

Link to article in Lonely planet magazine: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/norway/travel-tips-and-articles/hiking-in-norways-helgeland